Please read some of the reviews we got from our guests in the past years.....

> Anita, Brisbane

I stayed at Casa Luna in the Chiquito Porteno room for one month (February 2020). As the name says it is a small room, but I found it extremely comfortable and perfect for my needs. The room is very well organised with lots of storage, is kept immaculately clean, has AC/heating (AC is a must in BA in summer!), and there is a window overlooking a courtyard that you can have open while you are in your room.

I also found that the room was very quiet. I would therefore recommend it as an excellent budget option for those wishing to stay in this area of Buenos Aires (for those after more luxury, there is a larger room available or the beautiful garden apartment). The house itself has everything you could need and more with kitchen facilities (including filtered drinking water on tap - which was extremely handy), a garden/courtyard, practice room and lounge. Of course the biggest advantage - especially for tango dancer guests - is the wealth of knowledge that Vicki and Rob have about BA and the tango scene, which they are always happy to share.

>Ms M , USA

I thought I was going to Buenos Aires but instead landed in HEAVEN

If I had tried to do this on my own it would have taken me weeks to get up to speed but instead every suggestion was “Dead On Target” and I have felt eternally grateful for such a wonderful adventure.

From the minute I arrived, Vicki and Rob have arranged the following activities and events for me.

  • Elegant dinner and wine party
  • The Garden Apartment was everything advertised and more
  • Private tango lessons with an expert instructor twice a week at the house
  • The best Tango Taxi Dancer 3 times a week who picked me up at their home.
  • Masseuse for massages
  • Facials
  • Hair Appointments
  • Guidance on where to purchase dance shoes. I bought 4 pairs of Tango shoes.
  • Vicki arranged for an appointment only visit to a fabulous place to buy tango clothes. I bought 10 outfits.
  • Guidance on Radio taxis, places to eat and best places to purchase food and help in exchanging money
  • When Vicki and Rob were available, they invited me to join them at their favorite milongas.


On the teacher of the house :

Diego is an outstanding teacher. He was able to dance with me and in minutes he was able to sense the areas that I needed help with. I was amazed.

I don't think that I have ever shared with Vicki that I have a the inherited variety of essential tremor (familial tremor) which is an autosomal dominant disorder. A defective gene from just one parent is needed to pass on the condition.

Diego was able to spot that tremor which almost disappears when I am doing something physical. He has me doing special practice exercises to help me better control this problem.

Last night I went out to dance and the best dancer happened to ask me to dance. He asked me who my teacher was and I told him that his name was Diego. He immediately wanted to know his last name so I told him that he would have to talk with Vicki. He told me that I was an excellent dancer.

What makes Diego specially good at what he does is that he works with each student at the level where they need help. He is not teaching steps but instead he is working on movement and balance. In just a few lessons I am able to read the followers suggestions that I wasn't always able to pick up before.

Thank you for asking my advice.

> Linda

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in the Eva Peron room  for a week mid November. Vickie and Rob were fabulous hosts from dances in milongas to where to get groceries in the neighborhood to information on where to eat to accommodate my dietary needs. Casa Luna is well situated for anyone to access the city by foot, taxi or public transportation . As a single woman, the neighborhood feels safe at night to return home from late night dancing. I would recommend that you spend a week or two with them in Casa Luna

Thanks again for making it all easy to access you by email or calls.

Happy Hannukah and Holidays to come!


> Robert Leys 2018

I recently stayed at Casa Luna and thoroughly enjoyed my stay. It is a charming place located in the Monserrat neighborhood of Buenos Aires and within easy walking distance of at least four milonga venues and an easy bus ride to many others. There is also a wonderful restaurant café across the street where one can start the day with a café con leche (café latte) and media lunas (small croissants).

Vicki and Rob are wonderful people who are both very knowledgeable about the tango life in Buenos Aires, both in terms of milongas and clothing, shoes, etc. They accompanied me to different milongas and really helped me get oriented to the tango scene.

This was my first time in Buenos Aires and it was especially helpful having the recommendations and support available at Casa Luna. Being at Casa Luna really helped me make optimum use of my time and made my stay a really fun experience.”

Thanks again for a wonderful time!! Look forward to seeing you both again at the SF Encuentro next year!!




> Jan and Audi Salzgeber 2016

Audie and I invariably enjoy the places we visit but rarely have we left a city or  our accommodation with more regret than we did Buenos Aires and the Casa Luna.  And we will return!  Located in Barrio Montserrat - a twenty minute walk from the Plaza de Mayo and the attractions of the city center - Casa Luna is, nevertheless, part of a residential neighborhood.  And one feels embedded in the real life of Buenos Aires rather than the artificiality of the “tourism zone.”  Eating at neighborhood cafes and restaurants, shopping at corner stores (you can cook a meal or two for yourselves if so minded), attending a nearby milonga or simply walking the well-treed residential streets,  one gains a sense of the city’s real character and even makes a friend or two.  Without exception, in our brief experience, one encountered amiable, courteous folk always ready to help two strangers in their midst. 

> Tom and Arlene 2015

Hi Vicki
Tom just reminded me today that we have not yet sent you a thank-you for your wonderful hospitality, as usual.  We were barely unpacked from BA when he drove to Boston for a visit with his daughter and family and I had to get back to work for the beginning of a new semester.
We really enjoyed our stay at Casa Luna, as usual.  We appreciate your advance notice of the rolling subway strikes, taking the car from the airport, your instructions for washing the fruit in vinegar water, where to shop, etc.  We want you to know that we did the two-day bike tour and we highly recommend it for future guests if they have such an interest.  We were blessed with wonderful weather which made it all the more enjoyable.  Neither of us can figure out why residents complain of the heat in BA in December as it was absolutely perfect for us. 
We also want to tell you that Charley was an excellent host.  He shopped for the best exchange rates for our money, made restaurant recommendations, and kept us up-to-date on the time and locations of the milongas.  We were especially appreciative of his help on our final day as he ordered the car for us and helped us with last minute details.  How fortunate that you found someone like him as he is fluent in so many languages and he certainly knows his way around the city well
The welcome Cokes in little glass bottles were especially appreciated although they did not last long.  Fortunately, we found a couple suppliers nearby.
And Tom wants me to be sure to mention that handing him 500 pesos upon his arrival, prior to getting dollars exchanged, was above and beyond all expectations.  He said the Sheridan or  Marriot would NEVER have provided such thoughtful service.
Hope you and Rob enjoyed your holiday travels as much as we did.  We are already looking forward to visiting BA again.
Tom & Arlene

> Joanne Canalli and Rusty Cline, Tucson USA

"We had the good fortune to stay at Casa Luna in August 2012. Vicki and Rob were very gracious hosts and made us feel most welcome. We stayed in the Peron room and found it to be very comfortable. Casa Luna is located in a quiet neighborhood in close walking distance to many milongas which we found very convenient. We highly recommend Casa Luna. Thanks Vicki and Rob!" Rusty and Jo

BTW, could you let me know what kind of mattress was in our room. It was really comfortable and we need to replace ours.

Hugs and have a safe return to BA.

Jo"We had the good fortune to stay at Casa Luna in August 2012. Vicki and Rob were very gracious hosts and made us feel most welcome. We stayed in the Peron room and found it to be very comfortable. Casa Luna is located in a quiet neighborhood in close walking distance to many milongas which we found very convenient. We highly recommend Casa Luna. Thanks Vicki and Rob!" Rusty and Jo

BTW, could you let me know what kind of mattress was in our room. It was really comfortable and we need to replace ours.

Hugs and have a safe return to BA.


> Tony San Francisco

Hola Victoria:

The flight back was uneventful and I actually had two seats for myself, which was really nice and the plane wasn't that full. 
Thanks for the refund check which I received on Saturday.

What I enjoyed most of having you and Rob is "guides" to the milongas as it is really a big plus when you go with someone who knows
there way around.

> Pierre GEORGE et Mireille Latour (Nice/France)


Casa Luna est idéalement située pour un séjour tango à Buenos Aires, au coeur du quartier de Montserrat, avec ses nombreux restaurants et commerces, à mi-chemin (quelques minutes à pied) des milongas de Chiqué et Nino Bien. 
L'endroit est desservi par de nombreuses lignes de bus, le métro est tout proche, sans parler des nombreux taxis qui passent à toute heure...
Nous avons apprécié au cours de notre séjour de plusieurs mois le confort des prestations offertes autant que les bons conseils en tous domaines de notre hôtesse.
Excellente danseuse, connaissant tous les lieux à fréquenter de la capitale, elle pourra au besoin vous faire bénéficier de son expérience pour que vous profitiez au maximum de votre séjour.
Avec tous nos remerciements à Vicki,
Pierre GEORGE et Mireille Latour (Nice/France)


> Roland, Paris + Canada


Just letting you know I am back after the LOOOOOOONG flight

Enjoyed very much my stay in Buenos Aires and at Casa Luna.

Hasta luego,

Roland Grittani

> Joke Beuger, Netherlands

In february verbleef ik twee weken in Casa Luna. Ik had een fijne kamer met een heerlijk groot bed en de badkamer om de hoek. Ook is er een prachtig dakterras met het grootste deel van de dag zon en een prachtige (schaduwrijke) tuin. We werden er zeer gastvrij ontvangen en de eigenaar introduceerde ons en reserveerde op verzoek een tafel in de milonga's. Dat het ook nog een goede danser is, was een cadeautje! De danszaal is geweldig, je kan daar oefenen of gewoon lekker dansen, wat we vaak deden. De afstand naar de meeste milonga's is goed en anders zijn de taxies goedkoop. In de buurt zijn voortreffelijke restaurants, waar je een formidabele steak kunt eten. Ik heb er genoten en beveel het van harte aan!

Joke Beuger, februari 2012


> Gabriela Meier (Deutsch and English)

So, lieber Roberto, ich hab Dir noch den Rückblick versprochen, in Deutsch, gäll."Fünf Monate in Buenos Aires um Tango tanzen zu lernen, was für ein Glück! Die letzten zwei wohnte ich bei Vicki und Roberto. Von Anfang an gefiel mir ihr Zuhause mit den sehr geschmackvoll eingerichteten Räumen, z.T. mit zauberhaftem Blick auf die üppigen Pflanzen des Innenhofs. Ich bewohnte die hübsche Gartenwohnung (konnte aber auch verschiedene andere Räume mitbenutzen) und schätzte sehr, durch Wasch-und Reinigungsservice verwöhnt zu werden. Auch sonst fand ich immer ein offenes Gehör und Hilfe bei anstehenden Fragen durch meine fürsorglichen Gastgeber. Dafür herzlichen Dank, Vicki und Roberto,  und auch für die Freundschaft." Ich hoffe, das ist gut so für Euch, Roberto.
Ich hoffe, Ihr könnt Europa nach wie vor geniessen und Ihr habt nicht (wie ich) zu sehr Heimweh nach Buenos Aires und dem Tango.

Mit herzlichem Gruss  



(google-) translated in English:

So, dear Roberto, I promised you the retrospect, in German, gäll. "Five months in Buenos Aires to learn to dance tango, what luck! The last two I stayed with Vicki and Roberto. I liked it from the beginning Their home with the very tastefully decorated rooms, some with enchanting views of the lush plants of the courtyard.I inhabited the pretty garden apartment (but could also share various other rooms) and very much appreciated to be pampered by laundry and dry cleaning service I always have an open ear and help with pending questions from my caring hosts, thank you very much, Vicki and Roberto, and also for the friendship. " I hope that's good for you, Roberto.
I hope you can still enjoy Europe and you do not have (like me) too much homesickness for Buenos Aires and Tango.

With best regards


> Robin (via Airbnb)

This is a great place to stay for someone who is an English speaking foreigner visiting Buenos Aires like I was, especially as in my case as I wanted to go out learn and dance better Tango. Both Vicki and Rob her partner are right into dancing Tango and had many years of experience doing so in what initially appeared to be a large and at times overwhelming city for me to fathom my way into.

Vicki's place was a warm, friendly and very safe place to stay in. especially for someone like myself who couldn't speak Spanish. It is close to all the various public transport system including buses and Subte, both which I soon started using with Vivki and Robs help.

Both Vicki and Rob were great hosts who went out of their way to help me find my way around the city and understand what was available for me to attend by way of Tango dancing lessons and Milonga's.

In many ways staying at Vicki's house was the highlight of my stay in Buenos Aires and when I return to this city of dance will definitely ask to stay at their house once again. I really recommend Vicki's house as a great place to stay in Buenos Aires.


> Tom and Arlene 2017

Hi Vicki

Once again we enjoyed a month in wonderful BA. Stephen seems very dedicated to his new but temporary role. He really seems to enjoy watering the plants, sweeping and washing the sidewalk in front, picking up any fallen leaves in the garden, etc. Stephanie treats Cleo like a princess and brushes her coat regularly. In addition, they seem to know the city very well which is a plus for your guests. In our opinion, you and Rob have chosen your substitute hosts very wisely.

Hope the two of you are enjoying yourselves wherever you are.

Looking forward to a return trip.

Tom & Arlene

> Jeanie

I had a lovely time at the garden apartment at Casa Luna.  It was quiet and peaceful and I loved the beautiful garden views and visits from Mr Maximiliano.  The location is great with bus and subway connections close by, several milongas within walking distance, the self contained kitchen and bathroom were perfect and I felt safe and secure. It’s not in a real touristy location so prices are reasonable in the area for restaurants etc. 
Rob & Vicki freely offer their help and advice on everything anyone could possible need including changing money, taking me to the milongas, even inviting me into their home for private house parties and  dinners… and Vicki is an amazing chef (I’m still thinking about the roast chicken).   If you want somewhere to stay in BA where you can have privacy but not be totally alone then the Garden Apartment at Casa Luna is ideal! 
Thank you Vicki & Rob!!
Ciao & besos,

> Natalie, California, USA

Thank you for a lovely stay (June/July 2014) at your garden apartment at Casa Luna. I felt very secure and was quite comfortable. Thank you also for your care and taking me to many lovely milongas. A high recommend to all tango "addicts".

> Adrienne, Alphen aan den Rijn, Holland

My stay at Casa Luna in November 2009 has been a fantastic experience. The garden apartment was an oasis in the middle of the busy city. In the morning, I could hear the birds’ wake up call! Unfortunately, Vicki had to leave for the USA unexpectedly soon after my arrival, but she left me in the capable hands of her partner Rob and “gate keeper”Ana. Their help and assistance in every possible way made me feel right at home! I am more than happy to have chosen this location. Therefore I can recommend Casa Luna to anyone who wants to be where the action is and at the same time retreat from the crowded city life!

Adrienne, Alphen aan den Rijn, Holland
December 2009


> Charlyne Harrisburg

October 18, 2008

After a recent trip to Buenos Aires, I feel compelled to provide the following recommendation for Casa Luna:
“If you want to enjoy the Tango atmosphere first hand without breaking the bank, you cannot beat Casa Luna in Buenos Aires. I found it to be affordable, safe, clean, and in the heart of the Tango district. When I wanted to explore other parts of the city I had the option of stepping out the front door and hailing a taxi or walking a couple blocks to the subway. 
The accommodations were quite charming. There is a lovely entrance and courtyard with a tropical atmosphere. I stayed in the smaller quarters that included a bedroom with a TV, and kitchenette. The bathroom was extremely nice and almost as large as the bedroom. I toured the larger quarters and found it to be absolutely beautiful and spacious while too large for one person.

> Tom and Arlene, Florida


"For a really superior value in Buenos Aires consider Victoria Luna's 4-Star Villa and Garden Apartment. It is located in the heart of all the activities and only a short 3-block walk to the the Independencia subway station, yet located on a quiet street that is not a busy bus route. This affordable yet beautiful accomodation is enhanced by Vicki's personal attention to her guests. She was an outstanding source of information concerning shopping, milongas, sight-seeing, banking, restaurants, tango lessons, and any other questions a guest could have. She not only became our landlady while there, but we now consider her our long-term friend.

Be sure and see her affordable Villa and Garden Apartment at and you will understand why we already have reservations there for next year!!!!

Tom & Arlene
Panama City Beach, Florida"


> Ruth and Dean and Arianne, California

My review, Thanks. See you in La sometime

I rented a room for a month in Buenos Aires in Casa Luna owned by Vicki and her partner Rob. I was centrally located with many bus lines accessible within one to two blocks and the subway a tree block walk. Many Milongas are a short bus ride away. The house is clean, comfortable and decorated in Art Deco style, with wireless and dish TV. There is a complete kitchen to cook in which I hardly used except to store the leftovers from the great local neighborhood restaurants. They are very reasonable and very good.

> Wilfried and Barbara, Austria

Liebe Vicki und Rob,       (English below)


Wir möchten uns herzlich für die sehr warme Aufnahme in eurem Haus bedanken. Die Einführung in die Hausregeln und die Sicherheitsmaßnahmen innerhalb und außerhalb des Hauses halten wir für sehr notwendig.

Im Haus konnten wir neben unserem schönen Garten-Appartement auch die anderen Räume mitbenützen. Vickys Massage-Pläne nach unseren häufigen Milongas haben wir gerne angenommen. Jeder konnte auf Wunsch an einer privaten Tangokursstunde teilnehmen, die auf dem tollen Parkettboden und in dem einmalig beschallten Tanzraum ein wahrer Genuss war und uns fit für die lokalen Milongas machte.