We have some of the finest restaurants of Buenos Aires, literally "around the corner". And we are always there to help you find what you want.


Steps away and certainly one of the best and most afforadable venues in Buenos Aires.  Rob claims they serve the best Lomo in town!  Other favorites are Merluza, Rabas and you cannot beat the grilled Chicken.  Be there before 10 p.m. if you prefer not to wait for a table. 


One of THE most favorite seafood specialty restaurants in Buenos Aires. Moderately priced, only two blocks away.


My favorite place for Grilled Salmon and Broccoli. Everything on the menu is good. Affordable table service. Felix is my favorite waitor here. On Montevideo near Corrientes.


One block from Casa Luna, your host is Sergio. Reservations are necessary here as they are always full. Italian Food at it's best. They close every Monday and from 1 to 4 p.m. daily.


The very best FRESH pasta you will find in Buenos Aires. Great table service and wine for an affordable price. Just a 2 block walk from CASA LUNA.


Now my absolute favorite place to eat in Buenos Aires. For fresh fish lovers this is a MUST. Great sushi made by hand by a family of Japonese. It simply cannot be beat. 
Located at Mexico 1965, it is just a short walk. Say hello to Naomi and Marcello.