Please be aware that this information may be outdated, as milongas come and go and rise and fall. If you book with us you will be sure to recieve the latest information personally. 


Monday and Thursday are the days to be there. Large wooden Floor.


Beautiful location in Armenia, are very special salons.  Graciela Lopez is your hostess. Bus 168 brings you straight there. 


A very local milonga with the best dancers, just 7 blocks from the house. Our favorite D.J. in B.A. is Dany Borelli. He is there or his younger former student Erwin.


On here four different nights a week. Favorite nights are Monday and Wednesday with Lucy Y Dani.  Wooden floor.  Just six blocks away.


Fabulous wood floor and great D.J.'s just about every day. The address is Scallabrini Ortiz 1331. Take the collectivo #168 just one block from our front door on Saenz Pena and get off on Cordorba 4500 then walk to your right about 2 blocks on Scalabrini Ortiz; to 1331.

Obelisco Tango

Relatively new place specially designed for milongas. Every day a different Organizer. Popular days for us are Friday and Tuesday. 


The Grande Dame of Milongas. Marble floor and not such a great AC, but you cannot miss this one. Take Line C and exit at Diagonal Norte. Evenings often have live orchestras. Suipacha 384 - (15 min. Subte). Friday and Sunday are good afternoon milongas


Bartolomo Mitre at Callao; just walk to Saenz Pena and catch the 60 bus for a 5 minute ride. This is a traditional Milonga with not many tourist. No AC,


This is the re-located famous Club Espanol and we were blessed to have them place it 5 blocks from Casa Luna. They are now located at San Jose 224. Marcela is your host, they offer a wood floor and A.C. Raffle for shoes. Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.


*My favorite wood floor to dance on in Buenos Aires and they do have A.C. My favorite Milonga here is on Saturday afternoon 4:30 to about 10 p.m.Cross Ave. Independencia and walk just 4 blocks to Humberto Primo 1462.